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Lino Barbosa is a master blacksmith and artist who has brought hammer to anvil for more than a quarter century, creating artistic works full of movement and life. His metal sculptures capture the essence and beauty of the Canadian wilderness by celebrating both its ruggedness and subtle intricacies.

Lino meticulously designs and fashions each of his sculptures with care and a deep respect for nature. Each piece is unique and celebrates the majesty of Canada’s great outdoors. His ability to capture nature’s nuances using a metal medium is undeniable. From stately moose heads, flowing bulrushes and reeds, mighty maple-leaf lattices, to handsome herons, bold birches, and resplendent roosters, Lino’s metal art—always bearing his etched-in Lino B. signature—brings a touch of the Canadian outdoors inside, making any space come alive.

Lino’s artistic sensibility and connection to the land were evident from an early age. He was born in Portugal—where clay is abundant—and, at the age of seven, Lino would grab fistfuls of this malleable material, shaping it to form an array of animal sculptures, ultimately impressing neighbours who exclaimed that he was destined to be an artist someday. At age 13 his family moved to Canada, and ever since, he has had a deep connection to the Canadian landscape and all its natural beauty. Those predictions of Lino’s budding artistic promise had not been off the mark, as his nature-inspired metal sculptures and his aesthetically superior lighting and accessory creations continue to dazzle decor and art enthusiasts.

Lino’s artistry and skill are being passed down to his son, Andy, who has worked alongside his father for the past 15 years in their 2,000 sq. ft. workshop. Andy has come to appreciate the importance of mathematics and geometry when it comes to design, and he thrills at the assembly of the parts as final projects comes together. Lino’s legacy is most certainly in excellent hands, as Andy, along with his siblings, Sonya and Derick, build on the foundation of Lino’s vision by bringing their artistic flair to Northern Iron.

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