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Northern Iron is a Canadian family-run business specializing in artisan lighting, furniture and metal art inspired by Canada’s robust strength and ruggedness. Our craftsmen wield traditional blacksmithing tools and apply time-honoured techniques to forge elegant handcrafted pieces—pieces to infuse your home or country getaway with striking beauty, sophistication and the raw power of authentic wrought iron. 


Awe-inspiring chandeliers, orbs and pendants—our Northern Lights—are forged in tradition for contemporary life. With styles to complement any decor, our versatile lighting collections feature an array of signature heirloom pieces that lend a rustic elegance or a sleek symmetry to any space. Northern Iron offers lighting designs to reflect your lifestyle and vision and to complement your unique sense of place. Whether it be your loft, condo, home or cottage, we offer distinct designs to light up your world, your way.


Each piece forged in our workshop is individually handcrafted, ensuring a unique piece fashioned by fire, hammered and shaped to perfection. Far superior to assembly-line moulded pieces, our lighting and accessories are substantial, literally! The heft of each piece underlines the solid iron material from which it is crafted, and the decorative impact of each piece is noteworthy.

Browse through our online collections and ironwork options, connect with our in-house designer or visit our Barrie showroom—ideally situated between Toronto and cottage-county—to get a sense of which hand-forged statement pieces will enhance your space.


Northern Iron was established in 1995 by the Barbosa family. Before that, sparks first flew when master blacksmith Lino Barbosa and his wife Maria showcased eclectic ironworks and decor accessories at a local market. Lino’s sculptures and his artistic sensibility caught the eye of many, and his solid wrought-iron creations became a red-hot commodity. Demand grew and the company’s collections and reputation for high-end metalwork grew along with it.

Today, Northern Iron’s stately pieces grace the ceilings, walls and floors of stylish chalets and homes throughout Ontario and beyond. Our signature works are also showcased on the covers and pages of home decor publications, largely due to the fact that our discerning clients have chosen Northern Iron lighting and accents to add solid-iron impact to their living spaces. 


Northern Iron brings both the strength and elegance of wrought iron, along with the spirit of ‘The True North, strong and free’ into your home—reflecting you and the best of Canadian craftsmanship.

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